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What is Bulk WA Sender Pro?

Bulk WA Sender Pro is state-of-the-art Bulk WA marketing software using which you can send unlimited Bulk WA messages to unlimited contacts like your customers or subscribers instantly & automatically.

How does Bulk WA Sender Pro works?

Once installed, you can simply import all your contacts using a *.csv (Microsoft Excel) or *.txt (Notepad) file into Bulk WA Sender Pro. Then sending WA to all those subscribers is just a click away with the easy to use software interface. We suggest using minimum 10 day old WA registered number.

Which operating systems it works?

At present it works on Windows OS 7 & beyond with .net Framework 4.6 or higher version installed. To install on Mac we suggest using boot camp or parallels.  

Can I use Bulk WA Sender Pro for sending bulk WA messages?

Yes, our software has been designed specifically to send bulk WA messages, but you will need to keep in mind some good usage practices. Bulk WA Sender Pro was created to automatically send WA messages & can therefore be used for WA marketing & business communication strategies. We encourage our customers to send bulk messages, but we also recommend to not send unsolicited messages (spam). Please bear in mind that we are not responsible of the abusive usage that violates WA terms that might eventually ban your WA account(s). Our system is designed to minimize risk from getting banned by WA when sending massive messages, but there is an inherit risk that we cannot control when users report you as a spammer. If you send too many unsolicited messages to users, your account might be banned after a while, since users can manually report your account to WA as spammer. This may cause your account getting banned. We strongly encourage our customers to send legit messages that users are reasonably expecting to receive.


Will my sender number be blocked?

We have implemented many methods to lower the probability of being blocked, but if you annoy the users with too many unwanted messages, they could decide to report you & WA could block your account. This is a risk that neither we at Bulk WA Sender Pro nor the other bulk sending services can completely avoid.

How to avoid the account block?

We cannot guarantee that your sender numbers will not be blocked, but we only give you the best settings to use this software. We have prepared some guides on best practices to use when sending bulk WA messages. These are a few but valuable tips that will help you avoid blocking your account.

Best practices on how to avoid the account block. The importance of respecting the rules the marketing activity on WA is undoubtedly one of the most effective & profitable. However, it is very important to respect some good practices to avoid being banned by WA.

First you need to remember that WA only bans spammers accounts if there have been reports from users. So the most important thing is to have the right behavior towards the customers who receive your messages.

How to do with bulk WA messages we encourage our customers to use the bulk messages sender to communicate with their customers. But we also recommend to not send unsolicited (spam) messages.

We aren't responsible of the abusive usage that violates WA terms that might eventually ban your WA account(s). Our system is designed to minimize risk from getting banned by WA when sending bulk messages, but there is a risk that we cannot control when users report you as a spammer. If you send too many unsolicited messages to random users, your account might be banned after a while, since users can manually report your account to WA as spammer. This may cause your account getting banned. We strongly encourage our customers to send legit messages that users are reasonably expecting to receive.

Note: The important thing to understand & is that the account removal doesn't depend on the use of Bulk WA Sender Pro or other systems, but depends on the use you make of this tool.

So what is the best way?

Basically, it would be better not to send messages to those who don't know us & don't know our brand & or our company.

However, it is obvious that in order to expand our audience & to increase the number of customers we must also send messages to those who aren't yet our customers.

It is important to find ways to send messages to those who don't know us & at the same time reduce the risk of being reported as a spammer.


Best advice!

The best way is at first place do not use your primary number, further to include in your message the possibility for the customer to tell you that he no longer wants to receive your messages. In this way the customer is not encouraged to report your number as spam, on the contrary, he is given the opportunity to give his opinion & to express his desire to stop communications.

For example, you can do this by inserting a sentence at the end of the message such as: "If you no longer wish to receive our messages, reply STOP". So you know that you won't have to send messages to that phone number anymore.


What type of messages can I send?

With our bulk sender you can send text messages, emojis & links, videos, images, document file e.g. PDF, Excel, songs or more.


Do we need to renew the software?

No, all the Licenses being issued are Valid till the mentioned validity dates on the app or as committed officially.

Do I need a WA Business account?

No, you can use either a personal or a business account.

What countries are allowed?

Bulk WA Sender Pro has been created to work worldwide. You can register from any country where WA operates. As long as you have WA running on your device, you can use our platform.


How can Bulk WA Sender Pro help me?

Do you find bulk WA services costly? Does your bulk WA service provider charge you per message or per contact? Do you need to regularly update your customers or subscribers about new products or offer? Then Bulk WA Sender Pro is definitely for you as it uses the awesomely huge audience & uses it to create an engaging, high-reach marketing platform you can take advantage of to boost your business.


How to purchase Bulk WA Sender Pro?

Purchasing Bulk WA Sender Pro is simple & a completely online process. You can simply Click Here, enter quick details in the form there & make your payment. Right after we successfully receive your payment, you will automatically receive your download link on the email you provide to us while making the payment.

If you are buying Bulk WA Sender Pro for your company & need a GST invoice, immediately send your company’s name, address & GSTIN to asplindia77@gmail.com to receive a GST invoice in your company’s name shortly.


How to install Bulk WA Sender Pro?

Installing Bulk WA Sender Pro takes only a few minutes & is similar to how we install any other desktop app or game. Just run the downloaded installed using the link you will receive on your email after purchase & open › next › next & finish. Bulk WA Sender Pro installer will automatically place an icon on your desktop for easy access. Open Bulk WA Sender Pro using the icon & send us code to get License Activation Key (On Email / WA) you will get the Key within few minutes, Just Enter the key in the Software, click Apply & start using Bulk WA Sender Pro at its fullest.

Can I install Bulk WA Sender Pro remotely?

Yes, with the help of TeamViewer we can install the application remotely.


Why does the Computer & Mobile require Internet connection?

The WA web client uses your phone to connect & send messages – in a sense, everything is mirrored. Your web session stays active as long as your phone has a connection to the internet. This also means that your phone’s data connection is constantly being used. Bulk WA Sender Pro works with both Wi-Fi & 3G/4G and Stable Broadband & Internet connections.

Do you have refund policy?

Yes, given the nature of the product i.e., software that helps you send messages to your audience which works rights from the start of your license, no refunds shall be provided once the license key is activated. Refund Policy Conditions However, we assure you that our professional customer support team shall guide you through any software related grievances.


What about device change?

Device change is provided to all our subscribed consumers the moment they purchase Bulk WA Sender Pro application. Our technical team will guide you through the procedure.


Will the software work till the license validity period?

Indeed, it shall work as committed & has been working for years now since launched, its being updated time to time with new features & updates, however in case WA changes its algorithm on a level where it gets impossible for the Software to work we cannot guarantee the working in those cases & no refunds claim for purchases made before 7 days of such event shall be entertained.


How to get help with Bulk WA Sender Pro Training & Purchase?

Send an email to aspl.indo99@gmail.com or WhatsApp on +91-80-4593-6010 If at any point of time, you need our help in purchasing, downloading, installing, activation or using Bulk WA Sender Pro. 


What if I need Technical assistance?

All Bulk WA Sender Pro installation & purchase related information is already available on our website. A user can read the features as well as user guide straight away or refer the self explanatory video. However, in case you still require additional technical support, our Tech team is available for assistance on Email / WhatsApp. However anything of Critical nature shall be considered for telephonic support upon availability.

Defined Support Procedures & Methods

Support is provided on Email/WhatsApp primarily unless of critical nature, Also as a Complete PDF & Video is provided with Activation Email on How to use the software, should you still need training on TeamViewer or Phone it shall be on Chargeable basis viz. Rs. 250 for a 30 Minutes Tele-TeamViewer Session with an expert agent on pre-payment & prior appointment. Yes due to high cost of Human Resources Involved we have these policies For Purchases Relates Queries call +91-80-4593-6010



Bulk WA Sender Pro, ASPL or any of its associated entities are no where officially associated with WhatsApp Inc, Facebook or Mentioned Brands, this is not a Spamming tool & we do not promote or motivate the usage in this manner as its completely against the policies of the respective provider, this is just a tool to ensure smooth working & easy usage of the facility. All mentioned Brands including but not limited to WhatsApp, Facebook, TeamViewer, Windows, .net are of their respective owners & copyright holders.

  • This is a windows desktop application & will not work on MAC, LINUX or Android

  • This Software is Optimized for Windows 7/8/10

  • This Software allows you to communicate with recipients that expect/intend to receive your messages (Eg. Clients , students , patients , etc..), and it’s not a Spamming Tool , We will not be responsible if you Get Blocked,

  • This application require Microsoft .net framework 4.6 or higher and Google Chrome installed on PC.

  • Acceptable Use Policy

  • Installation Support : 11.00 am - 7.00 pm - Phone & WhatsApp

  • Software Usage Training on Video/PDF Guide Only, TeamViewer in Special Cases. No Telephonic Support for Training.

  • No Refunds Once Software is Installed Unless Its Not Working.

  • Subject to Bangalore Jurisdiction

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